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There is no reason that the complexities of our non-monogamous lifestyles should prevent us from engaging in the celebrated act of SPEED DATING.Using a complex algorithm hand tailored for your satisfaction we can make this dream a reality.Our speed dating system will take into account gender preferences, individual/group preference and age ranges.All sexualities, genders and hair colors are welcome.

Hi everyone My primary partner and I are very new to being poly and unsurprisingly we've come up against some problems.Most likely reflecting that many relationships are in fact already open, only one partner doesn’t know it yet.To be polyamorous is to be involved in (or open to the potential of) multiple non-monogamous loving and/or sexual relationships.We've had a look at options for incorporation (we prefer the Associations Incorporation Act, although the Co-operatives Act got a good shake), and we'd like to get input from the broader poly community in Sydney and beyond.We're looking at adapting the model rules to suit our needs, particularly re.

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