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no so whyyyy would u give 2 shits what anyone thinks about who ur interested in? SHE is not comfortable being around people whom she perceives to be different from her.

Since you are her child, raised in her image, she expects you to feel & behave the same way. I am Canuck It was okay while it lasted (I mean the relationship) but what I did get out of it was a wonderful son, an extended family, the fluency of the Spanish language, and a whole lot of south american food, travel, history and natural sciences. Unfortunately I have very little interest in going to India right now since I still have several more paises to visit in South America: Ecador, Bolive, Venusuela, Columbi If you cant tell i have dated outside my race and I grew up with some of the same shit!

People that believe strongly in one way of life, cultural,or religion might have some friction in sharing their lives with someone that has strong beliefs of another way of life..... We should never let others dictate our opinions, sounds like a speech I gave my daughter two days ago. Besides you show me one person who can say that they are 100% anything in the united states, thats why they call it a melting pot.

I have a God given right to make my own choices/mistakes! I don't want to stereotype either but when I read the OP's post, I thought she was from Alabama. Shit we all have something in us, there aint one pure person in the world. The only reason we didn't get married was the fact that she was married to her cousin for citizenship.

" It is not gives a shit omg, i mean seriously ur going to let other people decide who u like?

You can resort to finding employment in these locations in order to meet these rich men.

But it would be downright BORING to spend one's entire life dating only one "type" (whether it's racial, social, economic, or educational "type") of person.

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It would make for an interesting conversation if you asked an Indian guy what stereotypes he's heard about Caucasian girls.

In all seriousness, I've dated and befriended people of all colors, and believe me the gems and the duds come in every one of those colors.

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