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Studies show that at least 10% of children under 5 years old who are brought to the emergency room with alleged accidents have actually suffered nonaccidental trauma.Since as many as 65% of all abuse cases are initially seen in the emergency room, the first step in correctly identifying abuse is to train hospital staff members to recognize abuse indicators.Arms and legs move about in a whiplash movement resulting in the typical 'corner' or 'bucket-handle'-fractures in the metaphyseal region.

Therefore, lateral and posterior rib fractures are highly specific for abuse. These rib fractures in abused children may be found incidentally on chest X-rays performed for other reasons, such as evaluation for pneumonia.Intracranial injury occurs as a result of severe angular acceleration, deceleration and direct impact as the head strikes a solid object.The chest is compressed resulting in rib fractures.Fractures with a high specificity for child abuse are listed in the table on the left.The classical metaphyseal corner or bucket handle fracture is virtually pathognomonic for abuse.

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