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For many of the examples that I will mention you can look at my service class code.

First of all let’s see how you would send data across threads. You can think of a Port as a first-in-first-out queue of objects of the generic type you chose.

Code that normally spreads on many pages will be just a few lines long with the CCR.

Let’s review some of the most common uses of CCR that you may benefit from.

But now it is all slowly but surely coming together.

I have setup a sample project on the codeplex site and you can also check my demo videos on You Tube here and here.

We will see how to subscribe to events coming from sensors in a bit.

One very common application of CCR is in the use of Iterators.

Do we have any chance to do something in this area? Many times the field of robotics has been compared to the early days of the information technology revolution, 30 years ago gigs were primarily working with electronics and only a few considered writing software as a cool and inspiring.

Apparently, and fortunately, the answer to this question is ‘Yes, we do’. And yet those that dared to enter this new realm became pioneers in a whole new page in the history of the human technology.

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