Sarah and gianni dating

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RM: Me and Gianni [Luminati] have been together for like 8 years.As people came in, we didn’t really look for people for the band.We got to go and play with him at Ultra Music Fest in Miami.It was close to 200,000 people, and it’s a different scene for us, so it was great. We have three-year-olds at our shows, and last night we had an 89-year-old lady at our show.Gianni produced Sarah’s solo album, and she was just in the studio the same time we were working on a Walk Off tune, and she just started singing on the tune.And I don’t even know, Taylor and Joel just kind of fell in our laps. BG: Were you and Gianni the ones who decided to do everything independent of record labels?

Whether it’s five people playing a single guitar or a masterfully co-ordinated instrument share à la musical chairs, Walk Off The Earth has found its formula for international stardom.The crowd was great last time, hoping they’re the same!BG: When you were forming, did you look for multi-instrumentalists?I would have to say that Royals was a really difficult one and took us quite a few rehearsal dates.Sometimes we have the time to do a couple of rehearsal dates and then shoot the video and other days we are running out of time and and we all of a sudden come up with an idea. Every single one of our videos, one take or not one take, has challenges involved and we like that.

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