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But when payday comes around, there’s no paycheck to be found.Irene, a job seeker who had been working from home for several years, explains what happened when she fell for this scam: “The sales manager contacted me through my Linked In profile and the owner interviewed and hired me,” she told Flex Jobs. I worked for them for three weeks and two days, and out of the blue got a phone call they decided to ‘go in a different direction’ and said they would send my paycheck.It never arrived.” In some instances, the company just disappears without a word in an attempt to avoid paying employees for their work.It is, therefore, important that users exercise caution if they are offered a job over a Linked In message.This scheme uses the same lure as the money-based “work from home” ploy I discussed in a previous article on Twitter scams.Instead of a tweet, users receive a Linked In message from someone claiming to be a job recruiter.The spammer outlines the details of a high-paying job, the duties of which can be performed from anywhere.To assuage users’ skepticism, they commonly say that the offer is 100% legitimate.

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Alexandra Cain of “I was surfing through when i came across your sweet profile, i must confess you sure do have a lovely and interesting page on here, have you been lucky to meet someone special on here?

They can also work the user further and try to convince them to visit a website that hosts malicious software.

That is not to say that romantic connections are impossible on Linked In.

In some cases, it’s connecting with another user who you might not know.

One of the most common ruses on Linked In is a fake connection invite email from another member.

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