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Most people that I know, though, like to be full of energy while drinking.If You're like this, you may not want to combine the 2.Make no mistake, more than one drink of alcohol is damaging to any organism, & the smaller your body is the more damaging it is. petite woman, one drink is equivalent to two drinks for the average sized man.

I hoipe other people can also post their experiences. I gave my (sadly :'( ) alcohol dependent wife Valerian in the hope of easing her pathological anxiety.For instance, clubbing would not be very enjoyable (mind I don't like clubs much to begin with), since you would feel to relaxed and chilled out to get up and dance.Although, you still have will power and you can easily get up and dance if you want to, you just won't want to.I have noticed a slight difference in hangovers after this combination.I notice that I am more thirsty the next day, and, if I drink a lot, my stomach may feel a bit woosy.

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