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But things turn nasty very quickly when three crazed criminals burst into the house.

The Koffin brothers - ringleader Ike (Flueger), brutal Addley (Kole) and injured baby brother Johnny (O'Leary) - used to live in this house.

Shawn Ashmore - Photographs of a variety of stars as they attended the 2015 FOX Winter Television Critics Association All-Star Party which was held at the Langham Huntington Hotel in Los Angeles, California, United States - Saturday 17th January 2015Continuing to be the most original and resonant of the Marvel superhero franchises, the X-men return in the capable hands of director Bryan Singer, who again stirs plenty of meaty subtext beneath the thrilling action.

Continue: Video - Patrick Stewart And Halle Berry Speak Up About Their Work And Characters In 'X-Men: Days Of Future Past' - Part 2The next film will see the cast doubled (quite literally) as the mutant superheroes have to travel in time to change an event which will, if not prevented, destroy mankind.

His mission is to prevent Dr Trask (Peter Dinklage) from inventing mutant-hunting robots, because they will go out of control and cause a present-day dystopia in which mutants and anyone who sympathises with them are killed.

But Wolverine's biggest task will be to get the then-feuding Professor X and Magneto (James Mc Avoy and Michael Fassbender) to work together to keep renegade mutant Raven (Jennifer Lawrence) from making everything worse.

The cast appeared en masse: each taking a few moments to address the audience or in Ian Mc Kellan's case to flirt with Michael Fassbender.

Continue reading: X-Men Steals The Show At San Diego Comic Con 2013Five people who have survived the almost total destruction of humankind through relentless warfare, set out together armed with firearms and blades in a quest for their continued survival.

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