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Guys, click here to find out what signs betray a girl’s feelings.

It can get confusing as to whether someone likes you as just a friend or if they would like more. He'd like to know what your parents are like and what dirt your siblings have on you. His eyes sparkle like a thousand fireflies going off in them.

He may grab a tissue box, he may sniffle himself, or he'll grab you in a hug.

He draws you pictures; once I had a guy draw odd alien creatures of ourselves.

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he might not even know why, but his mom might be able to give advice about you. The two of you text often and it's mostly enjoyable. He doesn't mind watching terrible romantic comedies with you. He might bring over soup or just will hangout with you... He holds your hand and helps you cross the street when you're in heels, are walking through a slick area, or something of the sort. He ends up randomly wearing the same colors as you, almost as though the two of you have ESP. He tries to find you on every social media outlet imaginable. He prefers your company over all of the other ladies. He also enjoys complimenting you, and it's natural for him to do so. He has an odd interest to want to meet your family.

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