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An acquired taste, but one I was meant to fall in love with." If you're considering dating a non-coffee drinker, here are the steps I feel you should consider. That also means you need to have coffee to put in it, but this is when it's OK to say, "Bring whatever coffee you want, I've got what you need to make it." Because let's be honest — if there's a deal-breaker out there, it's stale coffee.

Sure, you want a French press when you wake up, but what does your partner want? If you really want to go on a coffee date, then make sure to go to a place that has coffee other things.

We seek out cafes and roasters in new places when we travel, brew coffee outside whenever we're camping, and experiment with various cold brew and iced coffee methods in the summer.

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I thought it would be a good introduction," says Sierra Hatcher, who is a barista at Café Lomi in Paris. He was touched, but apologetic when he told me I'd be the only one using them." My favorite response from asking around about various coffee-dating experiences came from my friend Kat: "My partner loved all the rituals of coffee; I'd never had coffee at all beyond sugary cappuccinos at trendy coffee houses back in high school.

They say opposites attract, but when the opposites involved are "coffee lover" and "non-coffee drinker," can it really work?

That might sound a little too serious, but if there's one thing we know about coffee drinkers, it's that they take their coffee very seriously.

"One of the best parts about coffee-drinking is the whole experience of it, which is definitely best enjoyed with someone who gets that," says Helen Williams of Green Girls Eats, who happens to be in the Coffee As a Deal-Breaker category.

"Plus one of my favorite things to do when traveling to a new place is tracking down the best local coffee shop.

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