Stamps com tracking not updating

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If the Post Office really "authorized" this vendor they really should take a second look. After a couple of weeks send you service charges that are more in total than if you went to UPS ground, Fed Ex ground, in some cases the Post office.Imagine my surprise when I realised that cost approx .00 a month when I was under the impression that I was simply signing up for a pay as you go service to buy stamps. When the liars come back with "oh we save you a trip" what? We find Fed Ex ground to be much cheaper and you know how much you're paying.They haven't canceled my account and I am left with the charges of . Why the HECK A few months ago, there was a letter that I didn't URGENTLY need to send but wanted to, and I didn't have any stamps, so I created a account for the free kit, and, not knowing I would be charged monthly, entered an old Visa that had a few dollars on it.I never received a scale or what they call "the welcome package" so I thought they canceled my account... I opened my account because I want to send a 40 inch TV to another city. When the kit came in the mail, it made no sense and so I just borrowed some stamps from a neighbor.Overall, this is a company seriously committed to fraud, and completely ignorant of the most basic principles of customer service. I don't remember consenting to getting a premium account and agreeing to pay /month in addition to postage. I went to the computer, started to fill out the form with the "promo code" provided then got to the part where they wanted my name and credit card info.

They would definitely not tell me "run malware detection software". Oh and the person I was on the phone with was trying to explain "It's a subscription service like Netflix". No Subscription service keeps your account open like that after the first month of non-payment.I contacted customer service by telephone and was advised that: "due to USPS policy" they were unable to refund the purchase and offered me a 0 in postage credits. For two months now I have been getting a bill in the mail saying I am overdue on my payments and charging me 60 dollars.In order to receive a cash refund, customer service representative (Frank **) further advised me that I would have to work with my bank to initiate a charge back. I wrote them and explained my situation and that I had cancelled, but I still keep getting these stupid bills that go higher each month.When I was billed and tried to cancel, she tried to sell me on a scale and a different service level. It seemed too much of a hassle to line up and print on the little squares on the test paper so I threw it all out, apparently with .99... If anyone knows of any other way to spread the word and badmouth this scam, please let me know. It's not the .99, it's the principle of taking advantage of an unsuspecting public. After spending 20 minutes on the phone (spread over three separate customer care reps hawking their sugar-coated finaglery) I was escalated at last to Victor, who begrudgingly erred on the side of reason and hooked me up with a refund. I got on one time to check if this would be a good alternative to shipping. then proceeded to charge me .99 a month for NOTHING! It just says "You will see a .99 charge for the first month." Absolute SCAM. I just looked at my credit card bill and they have been charging me 15.99 per month from Jan 10, 2016-August 2016 for a professional service I did not sign up for.And then said, I was lucky, I was still within the next billing cycle so she could cancel now and save me from the next bill! Just like my predecessors here, I had no idea that I'd signed up for a plan requiring a .99 monthly charge (once the trial period ended). When I discovered the funds I'd need to load didn't even come near the cost of shipping, I abandoned the whole thing... Sure, he wasn't happy about it, but he did it, because unlike, Victor has a soul. I never once received any services or items from them. They only agreed to cancel the account and not refund me my money. I was surprised to find .99 charged to my Visa account on August 3 by

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