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And took advantage of it — in those days, there was a very stern, school-marmish woman who ran the mailroom.I left my resume there, with her telling me there was no hope — like CAA today, they only took people into the mailroom who had advanced degrees such as law or MBAs, since they knew full well they’d be running the business one day!

I don’t say that lightly — when people like myself and Steve came of age in Hollywood in the ‘70s, there was one road to the top.

For whatever reason, she took a liking to me though and while I had no advanced degree, ended up sending me around to meet a few of the senior agents (after the mailroom — if you made it — your next stop was on “the desk” of one of the top agents; hence, if the top agents didn’t like you, there was no point in giving you a job in the mailroom.) Irony of ironies, not only did I get called back, but I was offered a job, complete with a whole lecture on how, by taking it, I was being invited into the inner sanctum of Hollywood—do not pass go; don’t even collect 0. Stupido that I was (and probably still am), I turned it down to return to New York as a correspondent for Newsweek. in ’83 to cover Hollywood, I ended up getting to know many Morris and ex-Morris folk.

Somehow covering wars, Olympics, plane crashes and natural catastrophes seemed more entertaining that delivering mail for Joan Hyler. In fact, my first friend in Tinsel Town — and certainly my oldest — was young CAA agent David Schiff. Forget that, if I’d taken the job at Morris instead of Newsweek I’d be a lot richer (if not happier!

)As the summer wound down, my friends began plotting their returns back east to Daddy’s real estate office or brokerage house.

Without a real estate office or brokerage house to call my own, I thought I might stay.

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