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In the 1880s, Buenos Aires would be revealed little by little in the academies and the theaters.In the comedies, zarzuelas and other plays, the actors began singing and dancing tango.The slaves' meeting space, both in Africa and America, was called tango.And Buenos Aires gave that name to the houses in the suburbs where, in the early XIX century, the African would meet to dance and forget their condition for a while.There are theories that refer back to its black roots and others that assert its immigratory origin.The truth is that in the mid 1800s, the well-known conventillos (large houses inhabitted by several families) in the booming city of Buenos Aires would be crowded with countrymen, foreigners who had just descended from a boat and several porteos without any means of support who, maybe in order to make a difference or perhaps to take root, set their own stamp on the new popular expressions.But by 1889, the institution ruling over the Spanish language would include a second entry for the word "tango" as a "popular celebration and dancing of black people in America".However, almost 100 years had to pass for the dictionary to define tango as a "world-wide known Argentinian dance for two people who join in movement, based on a binary 2/4 beat".

The voices fixed to your fate are born from the underworld.Because of you, shusheta, cana, reo and mishiadura became voices to be born with your destiny, mass of skirts, kerosen, slash and knife, that burned in the tenements and it burned in my heart! One of the most fascinating of all dances, the tango is a sensual ballroom dance that originated in Buenos Aires, Argentina in the early twentieth century.Dating Vlan vous propose un moyen rapide et efficace d'élargir votre cercle de connaissances.En collaboration avec Rendez-Vous.be, le site de rencontre n° 1 en Belgique, Dating Vlan vous offre la plateforme idéale pour créer des liens en toute simplicité. Si vous êtes célibataires à la recherche de nouvelles rencontres, est le site pour vous, créé en 1997, il est rapidement devenu le leader des sites de rencontres en Belgique.

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