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Also remember that you can't isolate yourself while you look.

You don't mention your other friends in this letter, and maybe they're less in your life now that you've come out, but please don't discount the people you've known forever.

They might be the best people to turn to as you have these experiences.

Hi I'm a pretty laid back chilled person who likes to keep fit and have a lot of fun...looking for awesome friends.

I´m not particularly materialistic, but I´m in the fortunate position to Very easy to talk to ! I'm a good listener ,hard worker I'm a casual kind of person who enjoys simply things, the beach, camping, travel, reading, gardening and exploring.

I enjoy spending time alone and with a small group of close friends.

I've looked into meet-ups, but most of them are either an advertisement for the above-mentioned club events with no actual structured meet-up planned, or are attended by mostly middle-aged lesbians, which is not really what I'm looking for.

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A loud club environment doesn't lend itself to even introducing myself to someone I find attractive, and I don't really have the confidence to just start dancing up on somebody.I'm into weight training, hiking, movies, pub crawls, travelling and lots of laughs.:) I´m interested in heaps of things, generally trying to take stock of the world around me, and doing my best to enjoy as many things as I can, which requires an open and curious mind. Love the outdoors infact I hate being inside full stop maybe in winter when is raining and frosty would be the only time !I'm a 28-year-old woman and I came out as gay relatively recently.Because of that, I never established a group of lesbian friends while in college.

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