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Usually, you will be required to appear in the court nearest to where the alleged offence was committed.

You can request that your case be transferred to another court (for example, if you live closer to another court), but you can only do so if you intend pleading guilty to the charge. In recent years, specialist courts have been established to deal with offenders with particular problems or circumstances.

The Magistrates Court can hear, determine and sentence on charges for offences which are defined as summary offences and minor indictable offences.

The definitions are contained in the Summary Procedure Act.

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Back to top 23.4 (1) The general rule is that a copy of the application notice must be served on each respondent.Examples of specialist courts are the Drug Court, the Court Diversion (mental impairment) Program, the Domestic Violence Court and the Aboriginal Court.If appropriate, your case may be transferred to a specialist court.For more serious crimes or major indictable offences such as murder, robbery and rape or where the penalty can exceed five years imprisonment, the Magistrates Court conducts a preliminary examination to determine if there is enough evidence to put the defendant on trial in a higher court.This preliminary examination is called a committal hearing.

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