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On a first date when I was a freshman in college, we were going to go to the reservoir for the afternoon on a beautiful Indian Summer day.First, we had to "get some cash." He took me to a blood bank to donate plasma!Once the dinner was over, I said, "Well, it was nice meeting you all, but we should get going if we're going to make it to the theater in time for the show.""Erica" and her friends got quiet, and started fidgetting a bit.Finally, the woman said, "Oh, I'll ask him, you two cowards."I was thinking, "Great, now they want to come with us to the theater." I couldn't have been more wrong.

I thought it was very considerate of her to call, especially since she was only running a few minutes late.

I offered to pick her up at her apartment, but, she said she didn't live too far from the restaurant where we were going to meet, so, she'd just meet me there after work.

I arrived at the restaurant first, and, was able to be seated right away.

Maybe another time.""Erica" took my hand and said, "Oh, you'll like our games better than the theater." Then she winked at me.

I was really confused, until they explained that their relationship was more than friendship.

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