Turkish american men dating american women

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He is kind of not the altruist type and does not think oh she would like this..is more for himself not a sharing type naturally at all, a re-gifter!

Since we are both older, almost seniors and he couldn't handle family, his own" blood family when he was younger, he wants everything even more so his own since it is not tribal.

If this is not the case and you have a good one that doesn't drink too much then at least sometimes then maybe you have a chance.

Make sure you analyze and LOOK at how his father treats his mother and that will give you big clue.

He hangs up and insults Unfortunately deep down women are the enemy in some ways and they cannot "win" It's really sick but it is more complex than that. It was just that I felt so traumatized by the deaths of so many and so sad all the time and scared.

He didn't really care or understand anything that did not happen to him.

After some years he just wants all for himself and his and if something were to happen to me, he would be concerned but doesn't like to deal with things.

Actually he is smart and cowardly at the same time so manipulates things.

Emotionally a bit odd he would try but he had difficulty with verbal communication that was not superficial.

I guess we had deep feelings but and compatible in many ways except on the communication and emotional aspects.

Eventually the women can't take the abuse, not physical just the verbal insults about venom that you put in relationship just because you disagree and they never say they are sorry. Even that nice Turkish man you may know is like this in his house..

It is subtle and it takes awhile but it is intolerable and they blame you for everything and never apologize for anything since in their minds they are perfect and the relationship would be great if you did not poison it. They can be fun and funny but when they settle down they don't like to talk they can interrupt but can't be interrupt, they can be grouchy but you can't..you are a btich.obviously you are not or you would have not lasted this long.

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