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The reason for this is to bring love into a world that is in dire need of healing and light. In fact, your mission is to be role models reminding a vast majority of the world how to give love and compassion. Arguing with your twin flame or soulmate will get you nowhere. To find out more click the pyramid with Protilius and Idavathian in it :-)Throughout all of our lives, whether we were aware of it or not, we have in fact always been "connected" to our Twin Flames.Once this is accomplished, their mission is complete. Ask yourself is there anything that I could do better for the needs and cares of those around you and to the world at large? You will be surprised at how people respond to this :) The light that will encompass you, will attract everyone! This is why you must heal all of your unresolved life experiences. Even before we ever reunited with our twins, we have always shared our Divine Compliments emotions.This is not imagination, although the approach is similar.Speaking from experience, you will literally be able to SEE your Divine Compliment - in real time!This way, by reading the signs; connecting the dots and "sharing" Twin Flame Stories, we have a more "Scientific" approach to something science has yet to grasp...something not definable by weights and measures. But one thing Paula and I do know is this: The Proof Is In Our Stories! Your love for one another will shine so brightly, that it is not uncommon for those near or around you, to be drawn TO YOU!And even though they won't understand what it is the both of you have, they are fed by the beauty of the love.​- Upon connecting with your Twin Flame or Soul Mate, you may find that you are practically mirror images of one another and that you may want to even run from your flame because of the things you see/feel in yourself from the reflection of his/her eyes.- You may notice that any of your bad habits, ie.

You understand that some things are better left to your twin's strengths rather than competing. In person, on the phone, the internet, blogs, chat rooms, dating clubs, maybe even here :) All that's required is that you are searching.

smoking, drinking, or whatever they be, will adversely effect you.

Even in your diet, food that you used to be able to eat, will have to be set aside.

Signs that you have found your Twin Flame or Soul Mate can be many and varied.

Some of you may be able to identify with a few of the signs listed below while others may be experiencing all of them.

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