Updating connection failed nm ifupdown connection c 82

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First solution is to get down and dirty with the command line, it takes less than 2 minutes.Edit /etc/network/interfaces and enter the following values.At the top one needs to give some name to the connection, by default it is showing as Wired Connection 1.You can either use that or make it something which is recognizable and easily remembered by you.

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I just finished the upgrade, it installed a new Network Connections manager, the profile it has in their by default is labeled ifupdown (eth0) and it will not allow me to edit the settings, when I click apply after an edit or attempt to delete I get the error: "Update connection failed, connection update not supported - nm-ifupdown-connection.c.82 (read only)" I also notice under the wireless I no longer get a drop down of all wireless networks that are available in the area which is a pain as well. Seems to be a bug with upgrades dealing with certain manual alterations to the network configuration. HQRNJU' to '/home/alan/.recently-used.xbel': g_rename() failed: Is a directory [email protected]:~$ echo y.y.y.y /etc/bash: /etc/resolv.conf: Permission denied [email protected]:~$ gedit /etc/(gedit:5773): Gtk-WARNING **: Attempting to read the recently used resources file at `/home/alan/.recently-used.xbel', but the parser failed: Error reading file '/home/alan/.recently-used.xbel': Is a directory.The bug is annoying and silly that something so basic would escape the development team.Any way there are two solutions one uses the command line and the second one the GUI.Hint: Making any change to an existing wired connection will only be applied after you finish editing and then left-click the connection name (left-click the Network Manager icon to access the list of connections) or by rebooting your system.Changes will also be automatically applied if your change the a.

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