Updating images in a wpf application

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If it is an image font, then use the unicode values for the images you want, for example  for the Git Hub icon.

For Font Awesome, you can look up the values on the Cheat Sheet.

In Win Forms, there's a control called the Timer, which can perform an action repeatedly within a given interval.

WPF has this possibility as well, but instead of an invisible control, we have the Dispatcher Timer control.

The hardware rendering pipeline of WPF uses Microsoft's Direct X features on the hardware that the application is run.

Figure 1 (Image Source: Wikipedia) The primary factor in rendering a WPF application is behind the number of pixels in it.

However, note that the performance of a WPF application depends on the hardware you have.

So, higher end machines obviously have a greater edge when it comes to WPF applications.

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