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Accordingly, so you won't lose hope and think Word has hung up, I've added a process indicator to the status bar.

The actual time will vary depending on your system speed and the number of shortcuts.

The composite listing includes all custom keybindings (shortcuts) which you have defined and assigned to execute commands, macros, styles, fonts, building blocks, or common symbols, and the current shortcut combinations defined for Words built-in commands.

A representative list is shown below: I've been a mouse man for a very long time.

Text = "Shortcut Key Combination" End With For lng Index = 3 To .

Text = "Symbol" End Select Next lng Index With o Tbl_2 .

They make it easy, for example, to create one, select one, jump to the next one, and convert one into regular text. Collapse Direction:=wd Collapse Start Else ' Shrinks selection to exclude leading or trailing spaces ' Also excludes trailing paragraph break While Selection. Move Start Unit:=wd Character, Count:=1 Wend While Selection. Status Bar = "Processing built-in keybinding " & lng Index - 1 _ & " of " & o Tbl_2. Text, vb Cr, "") End With Do Events Next lng Index With .

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