What does validating identity mean on a wireless network

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The user must repeat the multistep process to connect to the VPN each time Internet connectivity is interrupted.

This can quickly become time consuming for mobile users with intermittent connectivity disruptions.

You can specify which trusted root CA certificates supplicants use to determine whether they trust your servers, such as your server running Network Policy Server (NPS) or your provisioning server.

If no trusted root CAs are selected, the 802.1X client verifies that the computer certificate of the RADIUS server was issued by an installed trusted root CA.

You can also purchase a CA certificate from a non-Microsoft vendor.

Some non-Microsoft trusted root CAs provide software with your purchased certificate that automatically installs the purchased certificate into the Trusted Root Certification Authorities certificate store.

The complete syntax of the regular expression can be used to specify the server name, but to differentiate a regular expression with the literal string, you must use at least one “*” in the string specified.

In Windows 8, Fast Reconnect automatically re-establishes active VPN connections when Internet connectivity is re-established.

Although the reconnection might take several seconds to occur, it is performed transparently to users.

An example of this benefit is a common scenario in which a user is traveling on a train, uses a wireless mobile broadband card to connect to the Internet, and then establishes a VPN connection to the corporate network.

As the train passes through a tunnel, the Internet connection is lost.

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