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That's some f***ed up sh** to do, so f*** them," Chingy says.Either this is the biggest hoax since Milli Vanilli or hip-hop is about to enter its final frontier—an up and coming rapper who’s signed to a quasi-major label (in this case, Rich Gang) dating, screwing and marrying a transgender Enter Cash money affiliate—Birdman cosigned—Rich Gang signed rapper “Chase God.” According to Mediatakeout and his Instagram, Chase God is dating and about to marry transgender dancer/rapper/singer/rapper career killer (just ask Chingy! Both Chase God and Sidney Starr boast & post about their mutual love for one another on Instagram.However, Chingy harbors no ill will in his heart, and believes that karma will come to find Sydney Starr one day. A transgender rapper -- who goes by the name of Foxxjazell -- recently called into Street Disciplez Radio, alleging that St. "I just wanted to address that and let everybody know -- that probably seen that bullsh** -- that it's some straight bullsh**.If this relationship is really on the up-n-up, we should officially consign ourselves to the fact that hip-hop/rap is (openly) gay! )The Freudian in me sees the double entendre in his choice of bling-bling.Indeed, for me, this is the culmination of eight years of blogging in support of gays in hip-hop—eight years of traveling that lonely road of free-thought with few cosigners. I remember when a “pearl necklace” meant shooting a load all over a chick’s face & neck!

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Even though she later admitted the claims of being in a relationship with him were all a lie, the damage was already done on a professional level.

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Chingy spoke with Vlad TV about the past false accusations set against him, alleging that he had once engaged in a relationship with known transsexual Sydney Starr.

Chingy explained how he simply took a friendly picture with Starr during a show that he and Ludacris were performing at in Chicago, and two years later she came out with the wild accusations that they were intimate with one another.

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