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He went on to explain that sometimes it wouldn’t be in the best interest of the person or the cause they are trying to promote for him to say, yes.It’s difficult to disappoint people especially when they really feel something would be a good idea.His parents raised him and his older sister and brother as faithful Catholics at St. It was there that young Michael became very involved first as an altar server then as a lector, extraordinary minister of the Eucharist, Youth Group member, Religious Education instructor and Youth Advisor. Bonaventure University for a year studying Business Administration and then moved to Medaille College to pursue a career in Sports Management. They were happy priests who enjoyed their service to the people and they were very pastoral.” Throughout high school and college, Michael went back and forth about a career in sports management and the vocation of priesthood.A big baseball fan, he left a job at Wegmans to intern with the Buffalo Bisons becoming the right hand man for the Director of Promotions and Entertainment in the summer of 2008 between his junior and senior years. “Working in sports and working in the church, I had to decide on one path to move forward and I thought, ‘Alright, pick one!

If the priesthood or religious life is what God wants for you, you’re not going to be able to get off the path.

You’ll really have to force yourself off the path.” He also suggests that if a young man hasn’t gone to college yet, he should pursue something he’s interested in.

Any field will be helpful to him if he discerns that he should become a priest because priests are involved in so many different aspects of life.

He was very impressed by the priests who ministered at St. He recalled, “I always had good examples of the priesthood growing up in my home parish. ’ I enjoyed both and I found that I had a real passion for ministry.

When I discerned about not being able to have a family but looking at so much that I would gain through the priesthood I said, ‘This is it!

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