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Although once considered to be a rarity and underestimated due to its complex clinical condition, recent epidemiological international studies suggest that it can be encountered in approximately 1 % of the school aged population (Knight et al. Nevertheless, caution must be exercised when reporting cross-cultural prevalence of TS since different countries tend to use different assessment methods (self-assessment, clinician assessment etc).

There also appears to be lower prevalence rates among Asian and South African populations though again, this might be due to different criteria for diagnosis (Robertson ).

It is therefore possible that children and adults with TS are confronted with negative attitudes and are at risk of social rejection due to their tics.

One of the limitations of the literature to date is that considerably less attention has been given to understanding adolescents’ awareness and attitudes towards their peers with TS.

In an attempt to address the gaps in the literature the current study aimed to explore how adolescents with TS are perceived by their peers from a qualitative stance in order to provide a richer understanding of the phenomenon.Adolescents who conceived TS as a condition beyond the individual’s control perceived their peers as being deprived of agency and strength and as straying from the boundaries of normalcy.People with TS were viewed as individuals deserving pity, and in need of support.Furthermore, possible explanations and motives about the causation of social exclusion have not been provided.The aforementioned measures have also failed to uncover underlying biases that are more likely to occur in today’s society where overt discrimination is considered morally reprehensible and the tendency to supress inappropriate forms of prejudice is more pronounced (Bergsieker et al. Finally, only a limited number of studies have examined the knowledge base typically developing peers have about TS and the possible impact that this knowledge might have on their subsequent behaviour.

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