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But if you commit to going through the desert, so to speak, it’s so good on the other side. You can’t wait to get home, even if 10 years have gone by.

Q: Walk us through the makeup and wardrobe transformation. The green is applied with what looks like a paintbrush, we do my face and hands, and there is lots of powder involved so I don't make everybody that I touch green!“Taking care of yourself is important in a marriage,” Parker said. I also think it was Boris speaking the way men speak privately: ‘I want my wife to be her best self.'” Check This Out: “That’s important to keep the relationship going,” explains Parker.“[Taking care of yourself] is true, not just for your weight but for your emotional health as well.Matt added that he would love to work with Nicole on his album and also laughed off rumours that she was drunk during the finale, joking: "That's who she is! She's got my back and I've got hers."And Matt also quashed speculation that he's been involved in a relationship with his fellow contestant Freddy Parker after fans insisted that they'd seen them kiss on stage during the final, saying that it's just a bromance between them."I was literally on stage and he was crying, bless him, he's so proud," he said. He's been my best mate since the beginning of the competition - I love him to pieces, he's such a cool guy, but no, there's nothing there. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I never thought this would happen, so I just want to be in the right mind for this and just take it with both hands."But Matt joked that he's barely had a chance to think about what's coming next, saying: "I think once I finish this week and I go back home to my family, that's when it's really going to hit me and I will be able to think more about the future."I never thought this would happen for me.No romance at all." audition - isn't going to have any time for romance in the near future as he's focused on his music career."Obviously I was with my girlfriend for three years and [our split] obviously had a huge impact on my life and everything but no, no girls for me at the moment I'm afraid! It's something that I've always wanted and now that it's here I'm just like, 'Woah, this is what it feels like.' It feels amazing, I can't believe it."Matt's winner's single 'When Christmas Comes Around' - written by Ed Sheeran - is available to download now, with all profits going to the charities Together For Short Lives and Shooting Star Chase.

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