Who is tom welling dating 2016

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Gabby is practically engaged to the kind and handsome young Dr.

Ryan Mc Carthy (Tom Welling) and Travis is "off-and-on" with the beautiful and devoted Monica (Alexandra Daddario).

He served his time from December 6, 2011-October 12, 2012 at Lompoc Correctional Complex in California..

He’s spent the last 10 years as Dean Winchester on the supernatural crime-fighting show, with Jared Padalecki as his on-screen brother, off-screen bestie.

The problems start with Sparks' over reliance on an increasingly tired formula, Bryan Sipe's unrealistic, immoral (with all that cheating and deception) and sometimes silly script and Ross Katz' uninspired direction, but the biggest problem is the two romantic leads.Their first encounter includes Gabby yelling at Travis and Travis telling Gabby that she bothers him.In spite of (or maybe because of) all that, of course, they fall in love.Walker seems to be borrowing too heavily from the Matthew Mc Conaughey Book of Southern Charm, and, especially at certain angles, Walker looks distractingly like a young Liam Neeson (a perception just reinforced by seeing his character's sister played by the same young woman who played Neeson's daughter in the "Taken" films).For her part, Palmer doesn't do anything to make herself more alluring when her character starts to show interest in Walker's character – or even make any effort to seem likable.

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