Who is zac efron dating lily collins

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Read on to find out more about how Lily is helping Zac recover! With her help, it looks like he might recover even sooner than he thought.

Lily has been preparing smoothies for her man since he hasn’t been able to eat or drink properly since his fall.

That story does not allege he hooked up with a gay guy.

It says he held hands with an unknown "buff young man" in public at an NBA party in front of Vanessa there.

He was the hottest thing on the planet for like a week it seemed two years ago, but now not so much."He has at least a couple upcoming film roles.

Of course he's not A-list but most actors are delusional enough to think they will be A-list one day."I think the intelligence of teenage girls in America has dropped significantly in the last generation."As opposed to the bobbysoxers who thought Tab Hunter and Richard Chamberlain were waiting for Mrs.

The 24-year-old actor and Lily, 22, were first spotted together at pal Chris Reinacher‘s birthday bash held at STK restaurant earlier this month.

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The 'High School Musical' star, who has reportedly completed two rehab stints for drug addiction, had recently confessed that he was looking for a girlfriend who is creative, smart and self-confident with a nice smile.But after bearding for Taylor Lautner I'm surprised she'd get with Zac.She's "dated" the two gayest young stars around.[quote]First evidence, [R29]?Since we are alleging that he is closeted and bearding it's unlikely that whatever happened at that NBA party was a care-free public hook-up."His appearance and mannerisms don't seem gay to me"Helen Keller, is that you?"You mean the fact that's he's cute and people on DL like to say he's gay? There are lots of hot actors that most people here do not believe are gay.

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