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You have limited characters to write your “about me,” and about five-to-six slots to add your photos.I have many problems with this app, but here's the top three: 1.By paying a high membership rate, the site weeds out fair-weather daters and leaves only those who are serious.Our members are all here because, like you, they’re single women and men who have decided that they want a committed relationship.

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Do you want to meet a man who shares your passion for travel and whom you can travel the world with? No matter how charming a man is, it’s not going to work if he wants to work in NYC and you in London.

Or, if you are just looking for a quick fix, this works.

I had the most fun on this app, only because I felt like it was more of a game than a “dating” venture.

Actually, from what I gathered, this app is all about the narcissistic tendencies and pride that most its users possess.

Tinder is pretty much a rating app that bases opinions on looks and looks alone.

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