Wow armory not updating guild

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Remote Guild Chat * Participate in guild chat and officer chat.

* Initiate one-on-one conversations with fellow guild members.

* Place bids or make buyout purchases on the Auction House.

* Collect the gold earned from a successful auction or reclaim the gold from an unsuccessful bid.

Please note that it's not possible to track LFR statistics at the moment, but this feature should be available within the next few hours - Guild tab: suggested instances are once again available on this page - Progress tab now includes Dragon Soul guild achievements.

It's being updated right now, some glitches might occur until it's finished.

Some of the main features include: - Latest news and blue posts.

- Card database: browse through hundreds of minions, spells and weapons. Main changes include: - Throne of Thunder is added to raid list on main character page - New character statistics and achievements have been added to main page - Progress tab now includes Throne of Thunder guild achievements. Please note that upgraded items will only be shown after a live update - we will update all characters as soon as possible but since there are millions of characters out there, it might take some time. Mists of Pandaria brings new features to Wo W-Heroes: - Wo W-Heroes now supports players level 85 - 90 - Score bar for players lower than level 90 will show suggested instances ranked mainly according to their level - New enchants are added and they are now ranked from 0 - 30. - Character page now shows talents, reforges and average/best item level - There's a new section labelled "Tips" on character page, which suggests a stat priority for your character.

You can now click on any boss listed in statistics to go to the wowhead page of that creature.

- Deck builder: create a perfect deck and share it with your friends. Sha of Anger and Galleon achievements are removed for now. In case you notice a missing item, please report it on forum. It is available from level 90, along with statistics of boss kills, and is currently in beta testing phase - Tooltips on item icons in character page now show gems, enchants and set bonuses Updates for patch 5.0.4 are being finalized.

Latest changes include: - Ranged slot is removed from the game - Head enchants are removed from the game - New talent system is implemented and druids now have 4 specializations We are working on some new features, more info is coming soon.

Please let us know if anything gets weird or breaks by posting a comment. This needs to be fixed and we are going to fix it soon.

The World of Warcraft Mobile Armory app for i Phone and i Pod touch is a portable tool that helps you keep track of your characters, access the Auction House, plan your adventures, and keep up with the activities of your guild.

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