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This quotation is from anthropologist, Margaret Mead, famous for her book, Coming of Age in Samoa, a contribution to the cross-cultural understandings of adolescence based on her ethnographic research on teenage females in the South Pacific.

As anthropologists engage in immersive naturalistic fieldwork by spending time with their research participants and conducting open-ended interviews, they generate extensive data that enables them to explore the linkages between what people say and do.

Any of various fats, including most animal fats, coconut oil, and palm oil, that are solid at room temperature and whose fatty acid chains cannot incorporate additional hydrogen atoms.

An excess of these fats in the diet is associated with high cholesterol levels in the bloodstream.

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Called also brown adipose tissue.a fatty acid, the carbon chain of which contains no ethylenic or other unsaturated linkages between carbon atoms (for example, stearic acid and palmitic acid); called saturated because it is incapable of absorbing any more hydrogen.And as people traverse many real-life and virtual spaces over the course of a day, each of these contexts compels them to think and act in particular ways, and shapes how they carry out subsequent interactions.More and more of our "backstage" interactions are also negotiated online, through digital platforms.These examples illustrate possible disjunctures between our front stage and backstage selves.Rudder emphasizes the naturalistic quality of his findings: “The data in my book is almost all passively observed — there’s no questionnaire, no contrived experiment to simulate ‘real life’.” Both ethnographers and big data enthusiasts share an interest in interactions that take place in-situ or non-staged environments.

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